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ZAVEN PARÉ. El Coloquio de los perros  (2002 - 2008)

During a dialogue entitled “El coloquio de los perros” by Miguel de Cervantes in 1613, a dog called Berganza narrates its life to a friend, another dog called Cipión. “Cipión, oigo te hablar y sé que te hablo, y no puedo creerlo, por parecerme que el hablar nosotros pasa de los términos de naturaleza.”

This is an installation with a dual interface of filmed human faces which are projected onto dog heads which have been sculpted and then thermo-formed. It is a dialogue between the heads of a two-headed animal. The actor is transformed into a hybrid being by means of cut and paste processes, division and multiplication to be recreated with new masks at the end. Transformed into a dog, he goes on to be a monster made up of a body with two heads. Since this monster is endowed with speech, a conversation between the two heads follows, as a kind of reincarnation of the actor within a monstrous, animal-like machine like a true electronic deus ex machina. This device is a type of baroque machine that serves as a prop for the conversation between the two animals and the human beings for the duration of the dialogue.

This is a rare occasion to discover one of his more complex machines, which are part of varions institutional collections :

- California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles
- Institut International de la marionnette, Charleville Mézières
- Centre d ́Art et d ́Essai, Petit Quevilly
- CECN, Mons
- Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico
- Cyber Art, Caixa Cultural, Rio de janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Brasilia et Salvador
- Mécatronics, CDA, Enghien les Bains
- Maison de la Marionnette, Tournai

More information:


Rivoli Building
Chaussée de Waterloo 690, Brussels, Belgium

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