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"No Future" proclaimed the punk movement. No future for you in the "English, American, global dream". Replacing NO with LOW, this exhibition brings together three Belgian artists from the post-punk generation, offering a critical and at the same time playful vision of our society. Their artistic creations express the sense of observation and offbeat humour that is so characteristic of their home country. 

Jérôme Considérant challenges us with his hijacked road signs and confronts the viewer with a troubling concern: how can a simple signposting tool become an art work calling into question our society today? Born in 1977, Jérôme lives and works in Charleroi. As a graphic artist, he invents surreal pictograms that he posts on social media. Classically trained, he reinterprets familiar motifs with derision and social criticism, under the alias "Lord of Terrils".

Rohan Graëffly remains faithful to his radical habit of illustrating absurd facts and circumstances of our lives, subjected to injunctions of all sorts of 'systems'. He presents new paintings, sculptures and cyanotypes, imagined by diverting common objects and materials. Born in 1975, Rohan lives and works in Houdrigny (Belgian Ardennes) and holds a Master degree in photography and paraphotographic research (ENSAV - La Cambre). He experiments, constructs and deconstructs what surrounds and nourishes him. His works, often presented in series, are born of associations of ideas, objects, texts and images. Because he imposes no limits on himself, he is part of the legacy of artists who wield irony, criticism and absurdity in a multi-referential body of work.

Christine Mawet's fragile ceramics and delicate silkscreen prints play with the viewer in an elegant and meticulous way, making us think about the increasingly complex situation of the world, in which we are both players and victims. Born in 1971, Christine lives and works in Brussels. She holds degrees in textile design (ENSAV - La Cambre), ceramics (École des Arts d'Ixelles) drawing (Académie des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Gilles) and applied communication (IHECS). Faithful to her favourite theme, the vanity of beings and things, she thwarts the passage of time, bringing out snippets of the past in contemporary interventions.

The three artists regularly collaborate, combining their complementary ways of tackling these delicate subjects, for our visual pleasure. In their artistic universes, each of them explores the rules of the game of our lives and societies. They test these rules, bending

them or turning them upside down, revealing the limits of the games and the promises they hold. 

LOW FUTURE is a sequel to the group exhibition GAME OVER at Tourinnes-la-Grosse in November 2023 during the 57e Fêtes de la Saint-Martin. As curator of the official contemporary art trail, Rohan Graëffly invited us to look at the question of failure or defeat, but also as a possible promise of a new attempt and, why not, a victory. That was the origin of this joint project, which we are delighted to present at the beginning of 2024, to fully awaken our senses.

Text: Robert Klotz/Rohan Graëffly


Jérôme Considérant


Rohan Graëffly


Christine Mawet

Rivoli Building
Chaussée de Waterloo 690, Brussels, Belgium

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