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Summer in the City - What a great opportunity to present our first group show, bringing together all artists presented since the beginning of KlotzShows in September 2021. Many of them were shown for the first time in Brussels and attracted a lot of interest. We are very happy about the positive feedback received so far. All artists immediately accepted to participate in this collective review of the first two years, some of them with brand new works. As in a movie score, they are being introduced in the order of their appearance:


Barbara Cardone contributes to the show with recent pencil drawings, mostly realized in subtle black and white shades. They all have the usual mystic touch, showing strong links with the large canvases shown in our opening exhibition in September 2021. Barbara was born in 1972 in Lausanne (Switzerland) and started her artistic career in theater and cinema, before developing her own self-taught style in painting and drawing. In 2020 she relocated to Brussels where she pursues her artistic creations while studying conservation and restauration at La Cambre.


Kathrin Racz shows new pencil drawings in vibrant colors, quite similar to her “Blind Summits” and “Heads” paintings presented in January 2022. Born in 1956 in Thun (Switzerland), Kathrin lives and works in Berne. In her artistic education, she was inspired by Itten’s color theory. A renowned expressionist painter, designer, teacher and writer associated with the Bauhaus school, he developed the Farbkreis (colour circle), which has become a standard reference for generations of artists. In her works, Kathrin places a focus on small details of everyday life, giving them a deeper meaning, often with a touch of humor.


Clara Cousineau left a strong impression on viewers with her first European show in May 2022, revolving around her own alphabet. In the same vein, new wall sculptures are on view, combining recycled materials in a thoughtful, humorous and esthetic manner. Clara was born in Québec (Canada) in 1994, now she lives and works in Montreal. She holds a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal and won the national prize in the BMO 1st Art! competition in 2018. Her work has been presented in several galleries and art centers in Quebec, Montreal and Toronto and is part of the Claridge Collection. In September 2023 she and her brother Alexis will open their own art space and residence in Montreal.


Zaven Paré is coming back with new intriguing sculptures assembled from found objects. His well-remembered show in September 2022 featured notably a complex machine, a double-headed dog combining electronics, pneumatics, video and spoken poetry. Zaven was born in 1961 and studied art and literature in France, followed by postdoctoral research at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in Osaka. For more than 30 years, he is pursuing his artistic creation in parallel with in-depth research in science and anthropology. He also collaborates extensively with opera and theatre, choreographers, composers, and musicians. He lives and works mainly in Brazil, but regularly stays in Paris as well.


Peter Puklus is present with new black and white photographs from his very personal “The Hero Mother” series, which is also part of the current international group show “Modern Love” at EMST Athens. Peter was born in 1980 in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). He lives and works in Budapest, where he studied photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), followed by new media design studies at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) in Paris. His work has been widely shown in Hungary as well as internationally for almost 20 years. His award winning artists book is also available.

Gerhard Frömel is coming back with his fascinating geometrical aluminium wall sculptures, together with a masterful new piece made of plexiglas. His minimal works reveal the importance of our very own position when perceiving our surroundings. Gerhard was born in 1941 in Upper Austria, studied graphic at Kunstschule Linz and taught at the University of Art and Design in Linz until 2003. Around 1975, he began to create his concrete art works and has pursued this practice consistently for more than 50 years. His work is part of many public and private collections and has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland… and in Brussels in January 2023.


Géraldine Wilcke presents several new pieces from her appealing “Architectures of Shadow” series, notably the largest format realized so far (series V). Her work was first on view in a duo show (with Gerhard Frömel) in January 2023, when our new space was inaugurated with a stunning contemporary dance performance.  Géraldine was born in 1980 in Bremen (Germany) and studied in Strasbourg and Mulhouse (France), where she lives and works. In her artistic practice, she immerses in design, painting, installation, engraving, architecture, photography and graphic design, combining all these elements for each new project, following her inspiration and continuously enriching her artistic approach.


Otl Aicher is represented again with his iconic colorful silkscreen prints from the early 1970s. He was born in Ulm (Germany) in 1922 and died in 1991. In his youth, he was closely related to the resistance movement “Weiße Rose”. This experience shaped his entire career as a graphic designer, starting with an educational project to support the transition towards democracy in post-war Germany. He is widely recognized as a leading graphic designer and typographer of the 20th century. His most outstanding achievement remains the holistic design concept for the Olympic Games in Munich 1972, but he was also engaged in political campaigns, e.g. the first elections to the European Parliament in 1979, or major civil protest movements in Germany. The show “Rainbow Games” in March 2023 received wide acclaim.


Audra Vau showed her intriguing full moon photographs and subtle light sculptures in a duo show (with Rimas Sakalauskas) in May 2023, our last show to date, and is present once again, with views into her own garden and a “private monument”. Audra was born in 1970 in Lithuania and studied at the National School of Art in Vilnius. She is known for her video works as well, and has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, at Christine König Gallery and Max Lust Gallery, both in Vienna, and during the Venice Biennale 2015 in the show Edge of Chaos with Gianluca Malgeri (Italy), LaToya Frazier (USA) and Egle Rake (Lithuania).


Rimas Sakalauskas stays on view with his stunning VR work of autonomously playing brass instruments, accompanied by an original composition, as well as related still images. Born in 1985 in Lithuania, he studied Photography and Media Art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, followed by the Royal College of Arts in London, and more recently a residency in Hollywood. His video works have gained great recognition internationally and were shown at Vienna Contemporary, Positions Berlin, Art Market Budapest, Art Moscow, and ArtVilnius, among others. They have been featured in theatres and concerts in Europe as well as Asia, and Rimas has received several media art awards for them.


We are pleased to present all these great artists once again. They were essential for our first two years and we look forward to staying in touch with them. Many thanks also to the collaborating galleries: Brandt (Munich), Charlot (Paris), Glassyard (Budapest), Meno Nisa (Vilnius), and Wagner (Paris).


Text: Robert Klotz


Rivoli Building
Chaussée de Waterloo 690, Brussels, Belgium

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